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Providing essential partnership to the mortgage lending community.

We empower our lenders to focus on closing more loans.
Use arc, save time.

We're with you

from pre-approval

to handing off the keys.



Leverage full-service, nationwide
credit reporting services.

Who we are.

When you choose ARC as a credit vendor, appraisal management company, or verification provider, you receive dedicated ARC team members to see things through. ARC protects your reputation as a lender.

We pride ourselves on offering true concierge service. We promise that ARC products are more than a common commodity; they come with our Customer Service team who average over 15 years of industry experience. ARC delivers the results you expect.


We transform client feedback into the promise to provide ARC Concierge Service, freeing up your valuable time.


Use ARC, Save Time.


Time saving service.



  • Credit Cascade

  • Tradeline Updates

  • Score Disclosure & Mailing

  • Liens and Judgements

  • Credit Refresh & Comparison Report

  • CreditXpert™ Score Improvement Tools

  • Fraud Detection and Alerts

  • MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System)

  • FACTA Regulatory Compliance

  • Trended Credit Data

  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) Alerts

  • Customizable Report Layouts


without complexity.

Partnering with ARC for credit is about more than just a credit report; it’s about seeing the credit file through from application to funding.


With ARC, a Credit Concierge team member is always available to save you and your borrowers time. Our team averages 15 years of experience, ensuring the highest levels of service and quality. With customizable options for invoicing, bundling, and credit report formats, ARC's services always fits your business needs.



  • Finicity™ Verification of Income, Employment, and Assets

  • The Work Number Verification of Income and Employment

  • AccountChek Verification of Deposits and Assets

  • Tax Return Verification/4506T

  • Social Security Authentication - SSA-89

  • Flood Certificates

  • ID Verification


just click "order" and let ARC do the rest.

Choosing ARC for verification services is the height of efficiency.

With the emergence of eVerifications, ARC has partnered with top vendors in the industry to bring our clients all products approved for use by the GSE’s and Day 1 Certainty®. Our Concierge Team acts as liaison during the process, reducing the need for time spent gathering documents or on the phone. 

The New House_edited_edited.jpg


  • FannieMae® Form 1004 | Uniform Residential Appraisal Report

  • 1025 Multi-Family

  • 2055 Exterior Single Family

  • 2000 Single Family Field Review | Standard

  • Desk Review | Standard​

  • 1004C Manufactured Home

  • 1073 Condominium

  • 1075 Exterior Condominium

  • Vacant Land


stay informed, close more loans.

Our Appraisal Team saves you and your borrowers time. ARC’s efficient and technically sound process ensures quality reports delivered right: the first time.  Our Appraisal Concierge Team have spent years building relationships with our appraisers.  We know their areas of expertise, their schedules, and assign orders ensuring efficient use of their knowledge and time. 


ARC’s Review Team develops a mutually beneficial rapport with our appraisers by incorporating generally accepted rules of appraisal, lender specific underwriting requirements, and Fannie and Freddie guidelines.  Upfront knowledge ensures we get through the review process promptly. Quality and communication are at the core of what we do. Keeping you informed and delivering a quality product frees up your time to serve your borrowers and close more loans.


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6628 212th St. SW Lynnwood, WA USA 98036 | (800) 992-1058

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