Harnessing Mortgage Pre-qualifications

Updated: Mar 11

The journey to buying a home isn’t always linear. For some buyers, the path to home ownership starts with curiosity and the question “What do I qualify for?” To answer this inevitable question, ARC offers two unique solutions for pre-qualification. With these solutions, you can feel confident you are providing the best service possible and empowering your buyer with the knowledge of what their home buying journey will look like, before the full credit report is ever pulled. 1-Bureau Soft Inquiry Pre-qualification Reduce the intimidation of a hard credit pull and utilize a 1-bureau soft inquiry pre-qualification. Soft inquiries will not affect your borrower’s credit score and can help reduce trigger leads, preventing solicitation by competitors. Invite the borrower to initiate their own pre-qualification via e-mail, or host the prequalification form on your website to help generate more qualified leads. Credit Cascade Pre-qualification Choose from a variety of cascade options; from 1 bureau to 2 bureau. You set the criteria based on minimum score and/or the underwriting requirements of your lending team. The full hard-hit tri-merge credit report will not be pulled unless the qualifying factors are met. If you’re interested in leveraging pre-qualification, we’d love to talk to you. Contact or call your Account Executive today.

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